Digital Photography and IT training Donline Computer Consultancy Digital Photography and IT training

Donline Computer Consultancy is pleased to offer the "Digital Photography and IT" training course.

This course will be of interest to anyone interested in improving their knowledge of Digital Photography, and associated IT hardware. It will enable new and intermediate digital photographers to better understand their camera, it's functions, and associated IT equipment, enabling them to get the best from their hobby.

Course Syllabus:

    Session 1
  • Welcome and Introductions. Health & Safety, break, and course info.
  • Introductions. Why are you here, what are you looking to gain from this course?
  • Photography basics. Daguerreotype to Digital SLR - How did we get here?
  • An introduction to Digital Photography: Choosing a camera, making the most of your existing camera, why is one make or model better than another? Compacts to DSLRs. From Magnetic Storage to Megapixels!
    Session 2
  • Understanding your camera. Its buttons, dials, components, and functions.
  • Care of IT systems. The Donline IT Tips sheet - part 1.
    Session 3
  • Flash storage: media, types, and capacities.
  • Data Transfers.
  • File & folder management.
    Session 4
  • Backup & archival procedures. How to avoid filling up your hard disk or loosing your data!
  • Image manipulation & applications, part 1. Your latest photos. Correcting & improving your images.
    Session 5
  • Image Scanning.
  • Image manipulation & applications, part 2. How to rescue OLD photos!
  • Image printing.
    Session 6
  • General IT training. The Donline IT Tips sheet - part 2.
  • Q&A session.
General details for this course:
  • This is a 6 week course of 2 hours per lesson.
  • Training will be carried out by Don Tocher MCSE, an experienced IT Consultant.
  • Small class sizes! Maximum 4 students per session.
  • The cost of this course is £150 per student including notes & refreshments.
  • Click here to make a booking or find out more about this course.

You are of course welcome to bring your digital camera to the classes.
However, should you wish to also bring your PC to the session, the recomended system requirements are:

  • Laptop/Notebook PC with fully charged battery and AC Adaptor.
  • Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Intel i3 Processor, 4Gb RAM, 80Gb free Hard Disk space, external mouse or pointing device.
  • Current AntiVirus software.
Don Tocher looks forward to welcoming you to the course and in helping you to get the best from your digital camera, PC and hobby.

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